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2018 Square Dance Convention

Join us April 1314

You will not want to miss this event!!

Fun!! Vendors!! Dancing – Day & Night!!!

Dance on the Mississippi
The Convention is offering a buffet luncheon curise/dance aboard the Celebration Belle Rivereboat Check it out Click on this linkfind out more about the riverboat cruise

What You Can Expect For 2018!!

Over 40 gifted, talented and challenging callers and cuers.

5 Halls of GREAT, CONTINUOUS DANCING…. including:

  • Mainstream hall: a more relaxed hall for All Dancers
  • Variety hall: a hall dedicated to a variety of dance styles, all singing calls, high energy, etc.
  • Plus Hall: for the Plus dancer
  • Advanced hall: fun program, both Friday and Saturday. amazing advanced callers
  • Rounds hall: full program, both Friday and Saturday, “smooth”  cuers